Guardians of The Voiceless are a team of volunteers in India driven to create a cruelty free generation. They care for the less fortunate in India, animals and children.

Founder Pankaj Arora works tirelessly to help all animals in need and spread his cruelty free philosophy to all. The children who work with him come from poverty as well. Through his program these kids are learning to be compassionate to others and hopefully how to help themselves and their families. Pankaj is one of the most amazing people working in animal rights today - and it’s time you learn about him.

They run entirely off of donations and their own money. They provide medical care, housing and vet visits to any animal in danger. Pankaj himself is vegan, as is most of his team. 

Please check out their Facebook page, and consider a donation to help the children and animals in need. For Paypal you can use They also accept donations of basic medical supplies. 

Pankaj and his team are dreaming of opening a shelter, but they can’t do it without your donation. I donated $100 and ANYTHING you can spare will make a difference. Even if you cannot donate, please share this post! These beautiful people need your help to make the word a better place for all.